#10 My favourite spot in London!

Although I moved down to London in September last year, it had taken me a fare few months to finally discover this idyllic place, tucked away next to Tower Bridge. This beauty spot is known as St Katharine Docks! It’s a place you perhaps don’t expect to find in Central London. As you can see from my featured image you have a lovely view of Tower Bridge appearing behind endless luxurious yachts and boats. A mixture of old and new buildings, this place is home to offices, restaurants and cafes as well as fancy apartments overlooking the marina.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants and cafes to choose from with almost every single one providing outdoor seating to soak in the spectacular views. I found this place while searching for the cafe ‘White Mulberries’ that I came across on social media. The dishes looked so tasty I couldn’t resist.

White Mulberries

Copy of aLL ABOUT ME-15.png

I’ve always wanted to find a new cafe obsession like I had with ‘Magnet’ back in Kuwait and I’m so pleased to tell you guys that I’ve found it 🙂 I have no shame in telling you that I enjoy going back to the same cafe over and over and having the same order :D. I usually get the açai bowl or avocado on toast as shown above as well as a strawberry banana smoothie. It’s perfect if you are looking to go somewhere for breakfast or lunch that’s not too busy and still within walking distance to other sites in London.

This award winning cafe has two branches, one at St Katharine Docks and the other is at Hay’s Galleria next to London Bridge station. However I believe the one at Hay’s Galleria is now closed due to the pandemic sadly. I’m going to leave a list of some dishes and drinks that are available here.

. Toasted Banana bread (contains dairy)
– Pistachios, Agave, Mascarpone, Berries
– Almond Butter, Nutella, Banana, Berries
– Crunchy Peanut butter, Berries, Banana, Raspberry Jam

. Smooth Morning Menu
– Gluten Free House Granola, Greek Yoghurt, Berries, Banana, Seeds & Nuts
– Acai, Blueberry, Banana, Pistachio, GF Granola, Oat Milk Smoothie Bowl (in photo)
– Gluten free porridge
– Coconut yoghurt

Topless Menu which is also served with Gluten Free Bread
– Avocado on Sourdough, Lime, Chilli Flakes, Poppy Seeds
– Avocado on Toast, Puy Lentil, Sunblushed Tomato, Feta (in photo)
– Tuscan Beans, Pancetta, Sunny Side Eggs,

For drinks you have vegan smoothies, juices, Teas, Cocktails and Beer and so on. All of this can be found on their menu on either instagram or their website.

Copy of aLL ABOUT ME-16


I absolutely love the artwork they have got going on inside the cafe as well. It goes so well with the colour scheme and really sets a bohemian theme for this place.The artist Tim, who painted this black and white zebra is timbusdidit on instagram. He has been creating illustrations for White Mulberries for the last 7 years. Also a shout out to this cafe also for playing some calm/summer vibe music that I often find myself shazzaming.  This place is great for both social and work purposes. Surprisingly it never gets too busy.

There is more colourful artwork displayed around the docks which makes for a nice stroll and photo opportunity.

Copy of aLL ABOUT ME-17.png


I’ve heard about Emilia’s Crafted Pasta which looks so good! Hopefully soon I’ll get to try one of their Italian dishes. This one is located very close to White Mulberries with a view of the yachts.

Other places you can find their are
– Kilikya Turkish Cuisine
– Zizzi
– Bravas Tapas (Spanish cuisine)
– The Melusine (Seafood)
– Strada Dockside
plus many more


If you walk in the direction towards the Tower Bridge area you will find this fantastic spot. I think perhaps my favourite angle of Tower Bridge so far.

This delightful area in London is a real change of scenery from the busy streets we’re used to in the capital. Looking back at my photos now, I’ve realised how incredible this place would be at night time so perhaps I will come back again next week and give an updated view of the area at night time.

For now hope your are all keeping well and this has helped anyone who is looking to discover a new place in London.



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  1. lebaneselily says:

    I visited London 5 years ago and I found this place by pure luck on my first night there. It was a freezing December evening, I was still jet lagged, and after spending the whole day on the hop on/hop off bus, I was seeking a place with fewer people and warmth. I wasn’t even aware of the name of the place until I read your post. Thanks! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The hop on/off bus is so great in London! I also didn’t know the name of it till I was searching for the cafe haha beautiful place though. It seems obvious to find as its just off the Tower Bridge but yet I would’ve never of thought to have walked round to this area if it wasn’t for the cafe I was looking for. Glad I did = )

      Thank you for your comment ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. m11bna says:

    I love everything about London. Jotted this down for my next trip x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is definitely worth it 😀x


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