#12 This is Lebanon – 10 photos of my time in Batroun

This is my 2nd post of ‘This is Lebanon’ with the aim of showing you how beautiful this country is and to erase the image of what misconceptions people had of Lebanon. Today I’ve decided to give you a picture walk through Batroun, a coastal city situated in Northern Lebanon.

This Phoenician city is in between Byblos and Tripoli, two other places I’ll feature in later posts. What struck me immediately when I stepped foot in this town was how beautiful the buildings were, filled with ancient history and a mixture of cultures. These crystal white and blue buildings besides the Mediterranean Sea reminded me a lot of the film ‘Shirley Valentine’. A great place to retire and rediscover love all over again.

As the waves brushed up alongside the golden sand beach, a sense of tranquility surrounded me. The sound of birds chirping, catching the rays of sunlight, this place felt so calm and magical that no matter how bad of a day you might have had, coming here suddenly made all the stresses of life seem to disappear.

Watching people go about their daily life, I often wondered about the journey they have been through growing up in Lebanon. Have they lived in this town all their life? Did they move from the city Beirut? Have you known each other since you were little? What stories can you tell? What games did you play? So much curiosity and eagerness to learn about life here. A life that in my eyes, appeared so laid back and endearing.

The striking colour of the buildings captivating my glimpse at every corner. A very similar architecture to the city Byblos but yet Batroun still had it’s own, special identity. If only people across the world knew just how beautiful this place is.

There is something about being close to the sea, that gives you such a sense of safety and ability to be at peace with your own mind. It’s a place of reflection like no other. A place that allows you to leave whatever you want behind and just focus on the now. It’s a place I dream of living besides when I grow old.

The marina in Batroun has views that really will take your breathe away. Stunning mellow, yellow buildings besides the rocks of Batroun, this is a popular place to visit when here. This setting really could be out the Mamma Mia movie.

This historic market place accompanied by endless streets to wander, you can find so many fresh veg and fruits to pick up for your weekly shopping. Walking around Batroun opens your eyes to what real life is like here in Northern Lebanon.

One thing Lebanon is known for is how friendly the people are. As it’s a small country, everyone seems to know everyone in some way or another. With that it creates a very social place to be, one that is catered for both young people and the elderly. This is a view of the port, a big tourist attraction in Batroun which overlooks the mountains.

This very authentic place brings you traditional streets like the one below. As you can tell the buildings are very low, and old yet still remain beautifully in tact. Here I caught a glimpse of the sea in front of me which led to the beach. There is also a nightlife scene here in Batroun where you can find plenty of bars that give you more of that livelier atmosphere that you may miss.

Batroun is also home to many historic Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches. Walking along here on a quiet Sunday morning hearing the church bells ringing was something else. Lebanon is home to a variety of religions with the large majority being Islam and Christianity.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my picture walk through this beautiful city in Lebanon and that it has surprised some people who may never have visited here before. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions about Lebanon feel free also to comment below 🙂 It was so hard to choose only 10 photos as I’ve taken so many more here that illustrate how incredible this place is.

You can also see on an earlier post of mine how to help Lebanon right now.

Thank you x

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Batroun looks so tranquil! Love how it’s by the water. I’ve yet to visit Lebanon, but I hope to one day visit such a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing this part of the world!


  2. m11bna says:

    It is so beautiful 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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