#23 Half term is here! Weekend at the Movenpick

Half term is finally here! What felt like the longest week ever, I’m so glad that our break is here. A well deserved rest for all teachers and students.

Following on from my last post, my friend and I who is a year 5 teacher at the same school, decided to spend the weekend at the Movenpick Hotel in Al Bidaa, Kuwait. Even though it was only located down the road, I still got that pre excited butterfly feeling you get before jetting off on holiday. I felt completely ready to just chill out for the weekend and not worry about anything. To allow my mind to just switch off for a while and to soak in the beautiful views around me. I even packed a hand luggage suitcase to give it that extra effect.

We booked to stay from Friday to Sunday, so 2 nights and 3 days. It was fairly expensive for such a short time but in my opinion was well worth it! In comparison to other hotels the price was decent.

I believe there are two Movenpick hotels in Kuwait but we stayed at the one in Al Bidaa which looked lovely. I had heard of the Movenpick hotel before when I used to live in Beirut, Lebanon. So I felt like it had a good reputation and from what I remember there, it was a very nice hotel.

On arrival, we were pleasantly surprised how the hotel was even more splendid than we had initially thought. I always find that when you look at hotel photos online, nothing quite beats once you are there and experience it in person. You get more of a feel of it. You can imagine yourself lying on that beach, sipping your smoothie and listening to the sound of the waves, something that is hard to do from online photos.

Our Hotel Room!

I had the best sleep ever thanks to this bed! King size bed in I believe the deluxe room? The room also had a mini kitchen, fitted with a microwave, electric cooker, a big sized fridge and even a washing machine! It is definitely somewhere you would be comfortable in staying at for more than a week if you chose too. It felt like your own apartment which I loved!

We also had a decent sized balcony which had a view of the pool. Next time, I think I’ll bring a pack of cards and perhaps my shisha.

Room Service is 24/7 though we didn’t use it. As well as the comfiest bed ever, another favourite part of mine with this room was the amazing shower! Powerful and perfect temperature. The type where you don’t want to leave because it feels that good.

As you can see from the photo the room is neutral and simple. It has a really calm atmosphere to it. We also came back one day to the bed being beautifully decorated with petals and towels transformed into a shape of a heart. It’s the simple efforts like this that I really appreciate.

The Pools!

There were so many choices of which pool you wanted to sunbathe or swim in. The ones that were surrounded by apartments like ours in the picture above were quiet and peaceful throughout the day. If you wanted somewhere a bit more lively with more people then you would go to the pools by the beach. They were used more for the children and families and tend to got a little more used than the others.

It really wasn’t busy at all to what we are used to pre covid times. These photos were also taken on our last day on Sunday, when everyone else had gone back to work a part from a few families still staying at the hotel.

What rain?

We had heard all week how rain was due, the weather was going to change and start getting miserable. All I can say is…never trust the weather forecast lol Not a drop from the sky. Slightly cloudy the first day but after that, piercing blue skies all day with incredible sunsets.

Rain isn’t unheard of in Kuwait, it just wasn’t meant to be for our weekend getaway πŸ˜‰

The longest beach!

I imagined myself waking up super early to catch the sunrise. Obviously that was just a fantasy and never quite became a reality. Does anyone else get like that? Suddenly feel motivated to wake up super early to get beautiful shots, watch the sunrise, go for that morning jog down the beach. Do we ever actually do that though and stick to our desire? because I sure don’t lol. Nope…I was fast asleep like a baby and went down for breakfast around 10.

Let’s face it, doesn’t exactly look like there was a rush for sunbeds. If you didn’t know, there’s this embarrassing thing that the British do where they set off like a racehorse at 5am in the morning to claim their beds with the towels. It becomes a very competitive sport to some. Thankfully our family have never been like that. Is that common anywhere else ? or is just the British πŸ˜€

In the distance you can see C club which is similar to the Al Corniche club which has sadly now closed down. To the right you also have another hotel called the Rimal Hotel & Resort. We went there one night for a delicious pasta and desert. It also shares this beach which is separated between the two hotels.

I’m hoping to come back here perhaps mid February time next year for another weekend getaway. It was only about 15 minutes down the road from me which was ideal.

I have a few more things planned for this week for the Half Term so I may put up a few more posts about my week off if you would be interested in hearing what I got up to. For now I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to sharing my next post with you all.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    I’ve always imagined the countries in the Middle East to be all but deserts, but your weekend getaway in Kuwait defies that assumption! Your hotel looks simple, but posh, and it’s always a good thing to relax after a long period of work. Enjoy your time abroad!


  2. Glad you had a nice break πŸ™‚


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