#31 Kuwait National and Liberation Day

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Kuwait National Day (25th February) with the Liberation day following tomorrow which will be its 30th anniversary. It marks an important day in Kuwait history when it was liberated from the Iraqi invasion back in 1990. It celebrates the independence of Kuwait. It is also the first National and Liberation day without the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Sabah who died last year at 91 (There is a previous blog post up about this).

Usually people celebrate these important days with various celebrations, most memorable being families taking to the streets with water guns and balloons to throw at passersby. Parks and beaches are usually filled with gatherings of families enjoying picnics etc. However this year all celebrations have been cancelled due to the pandemic. Parkings along the Gulf Road have been blocked off with high police presence ensuring everyone is adhering to the restrictions.

Despite there being restrictions I thought I would share with you all 10 of my favourite photos I have taken in Kuwait over the years living here.

Taken on Shuwaikh beach not far from the famous port.
Taken in Khiran, South Kuwait not far from the Saudi border
Next to Arabella, located in Salwa
Souq Al Mubarakiya, Kuwait City
Mutla Ridge, known for its quad biking, off road driving and hiking
A seating area for the public on Shuwaikh Beach
Al Shaheed Park which means ‘Park of the Martyrs’, Kuwait City
Plane flying over Khaitan, Kuwait
Outside a mosque in Kuwait City
Rooftop view in Bneid Al Gar

Kuwait National Anthem

وطني الكويت سلمت للمجد
وعلى جبينك طالع السعد
وطني الكويت وطني الكويت
وطني الكويت سلمت للمجد

يا مهد آباءالأولو كتبوا
سفرالخلود فنادت الشهب
الله أكبر إنهم عرب
طلعت كواكب جنة الخلد


بوركت يا وطني الكويت لنا
سكنا وعشت على المدى وطنا
يفديك حر في حماك بنى
صرح الحياة بأكرم الأيدي


نحميك يا وطني وشاهدنا
شرع الهدى والحق رائدنا
وأميرنا للعز قائدنا
رب الحمية صادق الوعد


We have also been off for a week for Spring Term therefore we decided to celebrate Kuwait National and Liberation Day early in our classes. We danced and sang to some Kuwaiti songs, played some quizzes and listened to some presentations about Kuwait from the children. Students also dressed up in traditional Kuwaiti clothes whilst waving the Kuwaiti flag as remembrance of this important time in history.

You can find some of the songs we listened to on YouTube :

‘Funny and cute arabic kids music song – Kuwaiti folklore’ – this was their favourite

and also …

the national day celebrations song by the company Ooredoo

There are also plenty of documentaries online as well to learn more about the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, how it all started and how Kuwait regained its independence as a country. Let me know if you would like the links to those also.


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