#41 Second Blog created – thearabicgraduate

As I am currently in isolation as part of the rules coming back into England as well as testing positive on Sunday I thought I would use my time wisely and create a second blog to keep all arabic posts in one domain.

It’s called – thearabicgraduate as seen above. The title on the homepage ‘The Aspiring Translator’ was chosen because I am due to start my masters in Arabic translation in February 2022 whilst I’m still teaching full time in Kuwait.

This blog will be suitable for people wanting to learn Arabic for a variety of reasons. I’m focusing on the media in particular however I will also include my own written articles on current affairs in the Middle East.

Today I have posted my first 2 posts, one being on translating a news article on Saudi and the UAE whilst the other has been on 50 new vocabulary words for people to learn – separated into 3 levels starting with set 1 being the easiest and set 3 the most challenging. I’ve tried to include a variety of vocabulary words such as verbs, nouns, adjectives. phrases and so on.

Example of set 1 words

Example of Set 2 Words

Example of Set 3

Whether you are a newbie to Arabic, a native speaker who wants to improve their writing or a university student studying Arabic, this blog should be beneficial for all.


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