#43 Who to follow in Kuwait

Keeping up to date with the news

Kuwait Times is an English newspaper in Kuwait you can follow on instagram to get reliable news updates. Only confirmed reports will appear here.

You also have the famous Kuwaituptodate account which is less reliable at times and often posts news without full confirmation. I would avoid to take this one as seriously as its not an actual newspaper its just an instagram account run that the majority of expats will follow. It does give updates quick however how they are not always accurate or have the correct translation.

You then have in my opinion the best news source which is Kuwaitnews on instagram which is in Arabic however you can click the translation button to see it in English for those who don’t read Arabic. Any updates in the country, particularly government decisions regarding the pandemic will be posted here first before any other news source.

kwttoday – news that’s trending in Kuwait. In English.

UKinKuwait on instagram will also post travel updates etc which can be useful for expats both in Kuwait and abroad.

Health Clubs you may want to join

Jumeirah Messila Beach – a luxurious hotel and health club. You can use the restaurants without being a member of the health club or staying at the hotel.

Palms Beach Club and Spa – This is another hotel and popular health club among expats (less pricy than Jumeirah). Often uploads gym/class timetables, when BBQ nights are happening and any social events or offers on. Perhaps a more social environment too here and a great chance to meet other people. 6 month membership for teachers (if you join with a friend) is 300KD

cclubkuwait – located next to the Movenpick hotel in al Bida. Another luxury health club but much smaller in size compared to the other two. Posts information on classes, personal trainers and timings etc. I believe more popular with Kuwaitis than expats.

stunning pool and beach views

For places to eat

. the_avenues – the biggest mall with tons of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Updates on new places open, timings etc

. darahkw – Darah Mall in Abu Al Hassaniya, one of my favourite places right next to the beach, a range of fancy cuisines to try.

. muroujkw – a complex off the sixth ring road filled with cafes and restaurants located around a gorgeous fountain that lights up at night.

. Dhaicomplex – mostly Kuwaitis come here. A small classy area of coffee shops by the sea.

. Spots.kw – recommends places for you try


. oak plus salon – One of my favourite places to get my nails done at. There is a link on their insta for bookings etc. They have recently moved to Sabah Al Salem.

Photography in Kuwait


Activities in Kuwait

.oqs_boat_rental – to hire boats, book fun island trips or snorkelling trips etc. Also includes sunset tours in the evening.

. chalyhat_kw – to book luxurious chalets in Khiran

. blue.wave.chalet – another insta for booking chalets

. A.S.A chalet

As I find more accounts to follow I will update this post for you. Hope you found some of them useful!

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