#46 Weekend in London

Back in one of my favourite cities, London! The city that never sleeps. I came back to London to sort out my visa at the embassy for going back to Kuwait as well as frantically trying to find somewhere that would give me the second dose of my vaccine at 6 weeks a part. With a sigh of relief, I managed to find somewhere after two days getting myself into pickle of panic. Felt like a 5 year old again who desperately wanted to have one of her tantrums, the stress was unreal and everything was getting a bit too much to say the least.

We had travelled to Stratford after a friend had recommended to try either here or Sidcup who do 6 weeks a part. The place was called Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health and Wellbeing Centre just down from the station. However when we arrived we saw a sign up that it was closed until 4.30 till 9.30 at night. We had two choices really, either go back later on and hope their were left overs which meant they would accept me at 6 weeks or try and find another place.

We decided to go back in the Westfield shopping centre and had asked a a health professional organising another vaccine site inside where could we go. He recommended us to try one in Hackney, very random but turned out to be a life saver! Needless to say we didn’t have much hope on the way but thankfully they accepted me for my second dose, in an out like a flash! The place was called Silverfields Pharmacy. As long as you had proof it was for work and not travel/holiday purposes they accepted you with 6 weeks since your first dose. Was thrilled and at that point nothing else could go wrong!

Then we get to the embassy! The woman was rude and unfriendly on the desk and not very helpful at all. She accepted the police check but said I needed to have my medical report (the Kuwait Medical Visa) with me which I was still waiting on. This means unfortunately I have to go back again to the embassy to hand that in as soon as I get the report. Thankfully you get it back the same day.

Amongst all the chaos

Me and my mum still managed to have a nice time down in London despite everything being effort. The main thing was to get double vaccinated which I did so one less thing to worry about. We stayed in the Hilton Euston Hotel just opposite Euston Station. Perfect location and easy to get to all the main locations in Central London.

Hilton Euston Hotel – Twin Guest Room

We booked into the Twin Guest Room for 2 days for £267 not including breakfast. It was a decent size room with a large window area overlooking the breakfast restaurant downstairs. There was a bit of confusion before we came as to whether it offered free wifi as one review said it doesn’t. However that’s not the case as you simply get asked at reception if you want to sign up (not sure what it was) free of charge to be able to access the Wifi. Had no issues. The mini fridge in the hotel room was also handy too.

The beds were super comfortable, the only downside was the lighting and room service not being available due to COVID.

The bathroom had lovely marble tiles, powerful shower as well as great bathroom lighting which also had the option of switching it too blue (a nightclub type vibe) which was pretty cool.

There is a hotel gym for use if you want to although to be honest walking around London alone does the job for you.

You could check in your room from 3pm and checkout is up to 12 lunch time. Didn’t seem to be many people staying at the hotel, very quiet which was nice and overall a really pleasant comfortable stay.

I think when you are faffing around London as much as I was this weekend it’s nice to pay that little bit more to stay at a decent hotel to come back to in the evening.

Lunch at WhiteMulberries

We went to the branch in Hays Galleria just opposite London Bridge Station. There is also another branch at St Katherines Docks which I’ve previously mentioned in an earlier post. Can’t begin to tell you how much I love this place! Offers light lunches/breakfast with perfect presentation of food. The picture speaks for itself…very instagram worthy but also tastes delicious! As always I got the açai bowl and mum had the banana bread.

We had the delight of listening to a band in the gallery keeping the atmosphere alive. Found it rather cute how they had beach deck chairs out too for people to sit on and watch the performance. If you haven’t ate in Hays Galleria yet I highly recommend it, there’s numerous options of places to choose from. It also really comes alive at night with a Pink huge cocktail bar in the middle. Also loving the fact you just use the barcodes now on the table, so much easier to order!

Set a world record – 24,254 steps in a day

This was a world record for me anyway. I mean when the target for us humans is 10,000 a day…I’m highly impressed with myself. This was a lot down to Mum making us walk for hours to get to see the Diana Statue but still I was glad we finally got there. As you can imagine we got slightly lost along the way though.

The grounds had a lot of viewing points around the garden to be able to see the statue clearly. We also stumbled across this hidden gem in Hyde Park on the right. Although empty at the time I imagine it to be very popular in the evening.

I also managed to find time to catch up with a friend who teaches out with me in Kuwait. We went to this Moroccan restaurant called Dar Marrakesh along Edgeware road which was fun. If you didn’t know, Edgeware Road is famous for Middle Eastern shisha cafes and restaurants. Think of Rainbow street in Amman or Salem Al Mubarak street in Kuwait. The restaurant had a belly dancer performance as well as giving us a taste of all the Arabic tunes we had missed whilst in Kuwait. We even met a lovely woman sitting next to us with her son who happened to be Iraqi and had previously lived in Kuwait. She was telling us about some of her family still there and how we have to try her family restaurant when we go back which we definitely well! They also brought their pet French bulldog to the restaurant which was super cute!

Whilst walking around London I realised that every day there is like a weekend. There is always something going on and tourists after every corner. It’s definitely a city you either love or hate. Some thrive off the hustle and bustle of a city, others despise it.

For me personally I really enjoy it until it comes to getting around on the tube, people pushing and shoving during rush hour and not to mention the endless blisters I get from the walking. I also often think how do the elderly manage a city like that.

I should be flying back to Kuwait on the 29th, which is next Sunday…slightly scary as not prepared in the slightest and with another trip back to the embassy it’s a hassle. Hopefully soon I will be posting from the Kuwait side and giving you more of an insight into life over there. For now hope everyone is doing well and will be back soon with another update, hopefully less hectic this time x

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  1. Rebecca says:

    It’s been years since I was last in London; despite the headache at the embassy, it looks like you got to enjoy yourself in the city! That bathroom mirror is really awesome, as it reminds me of the ring-light cameras that are popular for filming these days…best of luck to your flight back to Kuwait soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah I still managed to have a nice time 🙂 Thank you lovely, can’t wait to be back on the beach and in the sunshine again


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