#48 I made it back to Kuwait

After what seemed like a never ending process, I finally made it back to Kuwait:) I would be lying if I didn’t say it has been a stressful few months sorting out the necessary paperwork to get back here but that’s become a quick distant memory thanks to the palm trees, crystal blue skies and endless fancy coffee shops.

I spent my first day back doing a much needed tidy up and full cleaning of the apartment with my flatmate. Underestimated how dusty the apartment would become within the space of a few months.

We also went to carrefour across the road from us (my first time going can you believe it). Found the majority of things I needed for at least half the price of what I’m used to in Sultan. I think it’s fair to say I’ll be shopping here more often for my weekly stock up 🙂

Although nowhere near my favourite place to go, I decided to go that night to have a look around IKEA in search for a new sofa and coffee table. Our apartment is fine but I’ve never really spent much money to make it homely and now as I’m planning on starting my masters and staying here for at least a few more years I thought it was time to put a little bit of effort into making it a place I can feel more relaxed and comfortable in.

I managed to find my dream sofa, cream coloured 3 seater as well as small white coffee table to go with it 🙂 Arrives on Saturday…so excited!

Also added some new additions to my bedroom, feeling proper girly with the fairy lights and flowers 😀 The bedding, cushion and wall stickers were from Shein Home and the rest were bought from IKEA. Highly recommend taking a look on the stein website for home stuff, cheap prices and actually nice quality. They take a while to come to Kuwait, usually at least a few weeks but never had an issue with delivery, can either pay by cash or card 🙂

These boxes were the best find! Using it as a blanket box with my shoes hidden underneath. Will definitely be going back to buy a few more .

Schedule for the next few weeks

From Sunday returning staff are back to work from 9-3pm carrying out children’s assessments for being accepted for our school as well as parent interviews. We have also been given this time to get our classrooms organised and set up.

Thankfully I’ve brought quite a few classroom decorations back with me already as well ones that I had made the previous year. Finding resources in Kuwait can be quite the struggle so I prefer to bring what I can with me already. I also find it really helpful to have certain things at home if you are a teacher such as

  • – a printer
  • – a laminator
  • – and a streamer
  • New staff are due to arrive in the coming weeks before we are fully back to teaching from the 26th of September, so still a much needed few weeks left first!

How am I feeling about going back?

Honestly a little anxious, actually quite a lot to be honest. Thoughts are running away with me on how the transition will be from online for over a year to in class teaching. Will it be half online half in class? how will they divide the classes? will I fit right back into it easily or am I going to struggle? Not to mention classroom management, something that always plays on my mind as a teacher in the first weeks of a new school year.

However all these emotions are completely normal. I keep trying to tell myself to just do exactly the same as what you have been doing and you will be fine. A lot of it is all in the mind, how you think and believing in yourself. Don’t forget to always reach out for support when you feel you need too whether that be the HOD, a friend, family back home or a work colleague etc

For new staff that have arrived in Kuwait

The first few weeks or even months you will likely experience a range of emotions. It’s very common to arrive and think the first few days is wonderful, the beaches, palm trees etc but you will also notice that that can die down pretty quickly. You will likely find small things that are frustrating just build up and build up to the point where you are wondering what is even the reason of being here and questioning your move.

All I can say is that feeling will pass with time. Time is everything here. Once you find a set group of good friends you can hang out with after work and on the weekends everything will start to fall into place much easier. As people say you can be anywhere in the world, the most luxurious hotel, restaurant etc but if you’re not with good company it can be meaningless. Of course it’s also equally important to enjoy time on your own as well which leads me to my next point…

Kuwait is a country where adapting to being comfortable on your own for periods of time is helpful. People’s schedule may be different to yours, those with other responsibilities or live in different areas of Kuwait, especially teachers. You will find them all over and it’s not always easy to go every day across the country despite how small it is as the cost will add up. For one’s own well being as well it’s nice to have a bit of alone time in a coffee shop, relaxing and taking a moment to think and view your surroundings.

Now let’s move on to pressure! Being new in Kuwait or other countries for that matter brings with you this type of pressure, especially on social media to enjoy every second. Whilst this isn’t realistic for one it is also going to bring you more added stress than to what is already a stressful time moving across the world to begin a new life. I think it’s important to remember that not everything is as it seems online. Even I am guilty somedays of posting places I’ve been too but in that same day I may have had a cry or not been feeling 100%. We often like to show only the good parts rather than the bad.

Everyone is on their own journey out here, in no way is it a race to have it all figured out or be settled in yet. Go at the speed you are comfortable with and take each day as it comes. I’ve also found it helps to talk to others about how you are feeling, you will often find the majority of people can relate.

What now seems like a whirlwind of emotions and perhaps many doubts about your decision will in time become a lot more calmer, things becoming more familiar and overall you will begin to see exactly why you chose to move to Kuwait 🙂 Having said that here is not for everyone. See how it goes and try not to be too hard on yourself 🙂 moving abroad alone is an achievement in itself which takes a huge amount of courage to do so which you should be proud of.

Till next time 🙂 x

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