Get to know me!


An Arabic and Middle Eastern studies graduate turned Expat teacher in the Middle East. Having taught for two years in Kuwait I’m excited to be returning next month and sharing my journey with you all. There is always a door left open for you to change direction, make a new start and work at new goals in life. This is the beauty of travel, living in a different country and meeting new people. Possibilities are endless! Change is achieveable regardless whether you stay in the same town you were in since a child or whether you move across the other side of the world.  

Kuwait wasn’t my first country to move to outside of England (where I’m from). Before that I had lived in the beautiful city of Beirut in Lebanon, full of diversity, culture and resilience. Fast forward to 2015/2016 as part of my third year abroad for my degree I moved to Jordan. Having visited very briefly a year prior to the move on a trip to Palestine which saw me crossing the Jordanian border, I was excited to not only revisit Jordan but to a spend a significant period of time here as a student as well as a volunteer at a local centre for rehabilitation for Syrian refugees filled with lots of educational projects to support Syrians as much as possible. This was where my first taster of being a teacher began. 

Moving during a pandemic is not what I expected to happen when I first accepted my contract earlier in the year. Although these times are uncertain it has taught us all how important resilience is, mental well being and to appreciate how precious those we love, are to us. How things can change very quickly and we should never take life for granted again. 

As I’m currently waiting on things to open back up in Kuwait and begin my visa process I’ve been preparing lots of resources and expanding my knowledge in all areas as much as possible. I’ll be going into the new academic year as a KS2 teacher (Year 3) class teaching subjects such as English, Science, Maths, Humanities etc. It will be my first time teaching in a British school in Kuwait which I’m very excited about. I see this move as an opportunity for change in my life, change that I’m ready for and will be welcoming with open arms. 

This blog will bring everything from my adventures across the Middle East, photography, tips about travelling and moving to a new country as well as life as an expat teacher abroad and everything in between.