#7 How to help Lebanon right now!

Lebanon is in a dire situation now thanks to years and years of corruption from the government, allowing themselves to get richer while the Lebanese people get poorer. Over 50% of the population are now living below the poverty line.

On the 4th of August, a horrific explosion happened at the port in Beirut which ripped through the city and caused wide spread destruction, killing over 200 people with still many missing, thousands injured and homeless. The country has already been going through an economic crisis with protests starting from last October to call an end to the corrupt government. With yesterday’s announcement that the entire government has resigned this does not mean change has happened for the Lebanese people. The change that the Lebanese people want to see is for the government to be held accountable for their crimes and face trial and for a new government to form from scratch, meaning no previous politicians in the government should have influence or decision making in the formation of a new government to run the country. They want justice for the people that have lost their loved ones, not for every politician to pass blame to somebody else which has been happening ever since the blast happened.

Now how can you help? It is really important to understand that we need people abroad to help just as much as those in Lebanon right now who are doing amazing work to help clean up the city and find missing people. Here is a list of ways YOU can help right now whether that is abroad or in Lebanon.


. Impact Lebanon have set up a JustGiving page ‘Disaster Relief for Beirut Explosion’ to help raise money to rebuild the city and peoples lives. They have currently partnered up with other organisations on the ground to make an impact as fast as possible for the thousands in the city.

Some organisations they have partnered up with is Nusaned which is a Lebanese NGO with experience in the rehabilitation of shops and houses in dire condition, with the aim of improving the wellbeing of families. They are helping Impact Lebanon to assess the structural needs of the buildings affected by the explosion.

Another organisation they have teamed up with is Lebanon Needs which is another NGO that delivers healthcare solutions for the Lebanese in need and carrying out medical assessments. They are helping Impact Lebanon by identifying the medical supplies needed at the hospitals that have been affected from the blast.

Other partnerships that have taken place is L’Orient Le Jour (a leading French Language newspaper) in Lebanon and 3QA supporting Impact Lebanon with the vetting process of the organisations that will be receiving your funding

Baytna Baytak, a charity which provides free housing to health care workers during the pandemic, are now raising funds with Impact Lebanon to shelter those who have been displaced.

The Lebanese Red Cross have an app that you can download in order to donate to help those been affected by the blast and held rebuild this beautiful city and country. The app is supportlrc where you can make a quick donation or a monthly donation.


locatevictimsbeirut is an instagram page (blue tick) around 109K followers atm) to find people still missing from the blast. They have created a format to use that is explained on their page of how to report a missing person. Once they have approved the entry it will then be posted both on the website and the instagram page.

Getting the word out there about this page is so important as it could help the families of those missing a huge amount. The more people are aware the higher the chance of them being found. Some posts will provide contact numbers as well as a description of where they last were which helps massively in trying to locate any victims from the blast.


They have an instagram page set up by a group of volunteers who are looking to mobilise and find ways to get essential goods from London to Beirut. They post what they specifically need to take to Lebanon and what items they already have enough of to make sure the absolute essential is being sent out to Lebanon.

Current items that are needed are things such as gloves, canned foods, sanitary towels, first aid kits, inhalers, sleeping bags and antiseptic cream and wash etc.

They release the donation drop off day as a post and in the bio and have asked to please not publicly share the address as well as to not drop off donations on NON-DROP-OFF DAYS as it is a residential address.

OPEN_HOUSES_LEBANON : Providing houses for those in need

Another fantastic instagram page set up posting details of homes available in Lebanon if people need a place to stay as they may have their home damaged or completely lost their home altogether.

They are currently setting up a website which will be completed soon to help people find shelters easily. So make sure to look out for that and share the details.


Doing amazing work on the ground in Beirut collecting recyclables Like every other organisation I have mentioned so far they care so much about Beirut being a safe and clean city and are trying their very best on the ground to achieve this.

They have not only an instagram account but also a website set up ‘recyclebeirut.com’ Lots of information on the website on exactly how they recycle in Beirut. As many will know Lebanon has faced a huge waste crisis seeing tons of rubbish dumped all over the country, especially in Beirut. This led to wide spread protests. Recycle Beirut was set up in 2015 to help clean up the country so they can build a green economy.

There are ways you can get involved and volunteer in Beirut to help Lebanon be beautiful once again.


They are providing free mental health support. Their instagram account is embrace_lebanon (with blue tick). Currently the hours open are 12pm and 5.30am however they are soon going to be available 24/7 which is amazing!

Their hotline number is 1564, they also provide useful information such as signs of distress during a crisis and how you can support someone after a traumatic event.

Although the physical scars and injuries will be horrific from a blast the mental scars is also something that shouldn’t be left alone. It’s so important that there is a network that is available for people to access support after such a horrific event as this.


Very active before the blast and after with showing people what exactly is going on in Lebanon. Keeping up to date here with everything that is happening whether that is the protests, stories of those who have lost everything, those searching for missing loved ones and seeing the devastation that has rocked Beirut…by you sharing whats going on and talking about Lebanon you are giving a voice on an international scale that is very much needed to help those in Lebanon right now.

Like Impact Lebanon have stated, they need people to keep talking about Lebanon as much as possible. As the news channels will move on to new stories there is the fear that people abroad will give up and leave everyone in Lebanon to bring back their country. This isn’t good enough and we are in such an important position where WE as one can use our voices to speak out about the injustice, the criminality of what has happened, the fact these people have been murdered by negligence and corruption. We have to show Lebanon that we are standing with them for a better and safer future.

So get sharing these organisations, get donating, keep spreading the word and keep talking about Lebanon!

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    Those are valuable insider-recommendations which I added to the bottom of my fundraiser-article at SodarshanChakraKriya.com !


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